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TECHNOKRATIA – international techno project/organization seated in Belgrade, Serbia began in 1990 with one aim – to promote techno culture (music, fashion, video art, design, healthy/sporty lifestyle…) in our country. When we say techno we, of course, mean: trance, pure techno, house, drum’n’bass, electronic, hardcore, trip-hop, ambient, jungle, experimental… music and all kinds of technologically supported art in general. In those early days small group of 5-10 people started organizing small parties/events/exhibitions, writing articles in youth/music magazines, play techno music on various techno programs and what is most important in October of 1994 start producing first Serbian techno show. For five years now “VJ Techno” is broadcasted weekly in prime time (Friday 19:00-20:00 h) on national television and has crucial influence on development of techno in Serbia.

In 1995 we start touring Serbia, began with “Outer limits” parties, many techno nights have been opened in different clubs and parties started getting bigger and bigger: Enlightenment (4200 people) covered by MTV & MCM, F-communications party (3000), The Prodigy (11000), PAX 96 (2000 people on two days event with live coverage by MCM via satellite), B.T.T.P. (2400 people in tree caves beneath center of Belgrade) …

The list of famous foreign artists who visited Serbia is stunning: Moby, The Prodigy, Laurent Garnier, Hell, Colin Faver, Mark Allen, Fred Giteau, Mrs. Wood, Joti Sidhu, Stuart McMillan, Orde Meikle, Barney York, Trace, Trevor Rockcliffe, Mark E.G., UX, Aurora Borealis, Scan X, Craig Thomas, Russ Cox, Chris Liberator, Warlock, Brenda Russel, Billy Nasty, Blue Peter, Jim Masters… and many more.

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In 1996 we started first weekly techno show called “Fractal” on national radio station and established official Serbian (international/national) dance charts, for video and audio releases. After that we started second TV show called “Supernova” on national television with famous techno artists performing live in the studio. We organize some big techno/trance events: YU:GO@ parties (the biggest series of  regular, monthly Serbian party with more than 1000 people), Snizenje 20%, P.O.F. party, Rasprodaja, Teleport, Popust 30%…

In 1997 TECHNOKRATIA released first Serbian techno CD “Kiselina gori” made by Akropola, started working as the promo label and after more than 30 videos made, began producing TECHNOKRATIA longform video releases. We continued making big events: YU:GO@ series, X-Large House, Two Faces of Dr. Caligari, STAR HOUSE series, Illumination, Phenomenon…

In 1998 we organized more than 30 big techno events in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia… with more than 1000 people on each party: Millennium, Miranda (2000 people), Astral Projection (3000), Rolerijada (6000), TRANSSERBIA 1-Spirit Zone Party, Lucky Strike Halloween party (2500 people in Skoplje), TRANSSERBIA 2 – Transient party, Friday 13th part II, Lucky Strike House Tour (10 parties nationwide with 1000-3600 people), TRANSSERBIA 3-Flying Rhino Party, Srecna Nova TRANSSERBIA… Our DJ’s, Live acts and other artists performed more than 400 times in 1998, we organized more than 200 club parties, and finally we got Award of Biennial of Stage Design (organized by Yugoslav Performing Art Association -YUSTAT and Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade) in category: Promotion of Cultural Events.

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In 1999 TECHNOKRATIA released series of video longforms covering complete history of techno culture in our country: “Techno in Serbia 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998” (4 video releases), “Serbian Techno Videos 1,2,3” (3 releases), “TRANSSERBIA 1,2,3” (3 releases)… Before, during the war and after TECHNOKRATIA continued to organize events (start of legendary TRANSPLANT party series) and produced first global project called “TRANCE FOR PEACE” powered by official web site www.tranceforpeace.com. TECHNOKRATIA also presented Krembo records (Israel) at huge TRANSSERBIA 4 event and TRANSPLANT 2 event with Live act Analogue Synthesis.

TECHNOKRATIA continued in 2000 to produce series of  TRANSSERBIA mega event, start developing TRANSPLANT events in to festival form, went on successful TECHNOKRATIA World Tour (TWT) and work on more than 300 events in than year. Star House series start pushing House scene in ex Yugoslavia, drum’n’bass moved on higher level with TECHNOKRATIA events, and TECHNOKRATIA produced some big events for clients, culture centers and clubs. Humanitarian music project “TRANCE FOR PEACE” get wider audience and traveled around the world. TECHNOKRATIA hosted and presented: Phonokol & Trust in Trance labels-Israel TRANSSERBIA 5, Dragonfly (UK) & Matsuri (Japan/UK) at TRANSSERBIA 6, Optimus (Israel) TRANSSERBIA 7, Hom-Mega (Israel) at TRANSSERBIA 8, Flying Rhino (UK) at TRANSSERBIA 9 and finally Zlide rec. (Sweden) at TRANSSERBIA 10. TECHNOKRATIA also took part in EXIT festival contributing in many levels.

In 2001 TECHNOKRATIA went on TWT 2001 tour, began producing big events in Bosnia and start running first Serbian House Superclub “QUORUM 33” (Q33). Famous world artists visited Q33, among them: Tom Novy (MTV Dancefloor Charts /Kosmo records ) Germany, DJ Ricky Stone (Kayestone/ Miss Moneypenny’s, Gatecrasher, Ministry Of Sound) UK at unforgettable New Years Mascarade for 1300 people, Live Sax Performance TomX (International Tatort Star), DJ Sdricci (Freeze/Fruity’s/ Volgsgarten) Vienna, DJ Vlady (Kinky Disco/Basic Grooves) Vienna… TECHNOKRATIA developed TRANSPLANT series (vol. 4 – Live act National Hero, vol. 5 – Live act Planet Z, vol. 7 – TRANSSERBIA residents & vol. 8 – DJ Greg, Greece) and their artists performed on EXIT festival, some EXIT events (together with Asian Dub Foundation (UK), Fluke (UK), DJ Hall (UK)…), Back To The Future trance festival (with Matt (3D Vision records, Paris), Tony & Pulsate (Moon Spirits records, Ibiza)…), Revolution 2002 New years mega event… and many more. TECHNOKRATIA made project for The first Serbian Music TV and start building this program at TV Metropolis. Media impact of TECHNOKRATIA spread on National Radio Television, Pink, Studio B, Art, Yu Info, BK, Kosava, Politika… and many more radio & TV stations.

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Year 2002 was very successful for TECHNOKRATIA. TRANSPLANT broke all records becoming The second biggest trance series in Ex Yugoslavia (after TRANSSERBIA), STAR HOUSE become the biggest house clubs series in Serbia, TECHNOKRATIA managed to stay leading promotion system on the scene, the first Interactive Database for youth culture was established and preparations for Internet system were made. TECHNOKRATIA started new House series & events: IMAGINATION, JOIN THE CLUB, CHAMELEON, DISCO BABES, PLUG-IN…, new Trance projects: Sonic Mitote, Revelation…, new Drum’n’Bass series STYLEZ, new Techno party MOUSTACHE SOUNDS,   Hip/Hop and R’n’B series SHOW’N’PROVE.  STAR HOUSE (SH) exploded with USA SH, France SH, UK SH, German SH, Austrian SH, Swiss SH…TECHNOKRATIA moved TRANSPLANT series to the edge of clubs capacity (vol. 8 – Live act Lots of Dotz, vol. 9, vol. 10 – Live act Talpa & vol. 11 – Live act Manibus), continue QUORUM 33 club project, opened new club season in Forte Mare, Roof, Sava Centar garden, Monte Negro Mogren beach paradise, Paradiso, Barutana and many other clubs. TECHNOKRATIA artists performed on EXIT festival, Next Stop Serbia, Full On, Revolution 2003 (New years mega event with DJ Mark EG (UK), Dj David Duriez (F))…, successfully promoted huge events: Star Gate 2 (with DJ Rolando (USA), Man With No Name (UK), Shakta (UK)…), 2K3 party (with DJ Antoine Clamaran (Paris))… and many more. Metropolis music television became important segment of youth culture in Serbia.

2003 began with Trance and Techno events on snow, Electro (InfraRed with DJ Sebbo (D)) & Insomnation Parties and record breaking TRANSPLANT 12 club festival with 1 event in 2 days in 2 cities in 3 clubs with 2 Live acts, 3 pre-parties, 2 record labels, 6 organizations, visitors from 8 countries and 11 DJ sets… and with more than 3500 people and Live acts Aureole & Magnetic! The same year TRANSPLANT presented Live acts Psychoz,(vol. 13), Anax,(vol. 14), Hypnagogia (vol. 15) & Peacemaker (vol. 16), PsyCoctail party series started, TECHNOKRATIA VJ Dušan Kaličanin performed an REALITY 3 mega event in Switzerland. Closing event of the year was Gala Marine House New Year Party in Belgrade.


2004 was year of PsyCoctail series growth, DJ David Rodigan party, huge TRANSPLANT Club Festivals (vol. 17 – 5th Birthday party, vol. 18 – Live acts Dernier Cri & Tsunami, vol. 19 – Live act Chromatoner, vol. 20 – Goasia, vol. 21 – X-Raything & vol. 22 – Peacemaker), Digitalis & Urban & Underground parties.

2005 gave TRANSPLANT Club Festival with Live acts Planet Z (vol. 23), Talpa (vol. 24), Hypnagogia (vol. 25), Xtatic (vol. 27), Magnetic (vol. 27), Psychoz (vol. 28) and also DJ David Rodigan Serbian New Year Party, The Prodigy event, Astral Projection party, new underground club VIRUS with Influenza (trance) and Kaspersky (techno) series and EXIT PreParty with Sonique in Skopje, Makedonija.

2006 started with Terry Lex New Year after-party, DJ David Rodigan event and continued with TRANSPLANT Club Festivals: vol. 29 (Live act Goasia), vol. 30 (Live act Gyrocog), vol. 31 (Live act Pinga) and Asian Dub Foundation concert.  TECHNOKRATIA published theoretical articles “Serbian Techno Video Production” and “New Visual Esthetics” in Pop Kult Magazine and continued TWT.

2007 made several EXIT events and collaborations in Serbia, Montenegro & Macedonia, take part in Octopus Biennial of Extended Media in Belgrade, M.J.A.F.T. Beach Festival in Albania and continued TWT.

DJ Greg

2008 performed at Energy (CH) and continued TWT

2009 continued TWT and produced eco-music-sport festival Golija Fest and E-tvrđava (E-Fortress) Fest.

2010 made bigger E-tvrđava (E-Fortress) Fest (with Bad Company (UK), DJ Tony Carrasy (Club 54, USA), DJ Virigin Helena (A)) and went on TWT

2011 coproduced amazing SONICA FEST in Montenegro (with more than 120 world famous trance artists), and we had a lecture “All about TECHNOKRATIA” at the Multimedia Art Festival (MAF2011) in Sarajevo and “TECHNOKRATIA Brand” at BrandFair and went on TWT

2012 performed at Streetparade (CH) and continued TWT


2013 continued TWT, made Roby Rob Tour and artistic TECHNOKRATIA exhibition @ Mikser House with SARMATI LIVE ACT, DJ Munja, Lou Benny, DJ BKO, TECHNOKRATIA VJ TEAM

2014 continued TWT, made Roby Rob Tour, Release fist SARMATI LP “Stepa” (Cyber Zone Music/Sweden), started SARMATI tour (EXIT FEST, BIH BEER FEST…) and gave lectures “Innovation  in Creative industries management” at SYMORG conference and coproduced “Creative industries management” at Faculty of Organizational Studies, Belgrade.

2015 continued TWT & SARMATI Tours, performed at EXIT FEST, SEA DANCE FEST (together with world stars: The Prodigy, Roisin Murphy, James Zabiela, Wilkinson, Rudimental…), FOREST FEST and gave lectures “TECHNOKRATIA – The Power of network” at Incitement event in Impact Hub Belgrade, “Creative industries innovations” at SPIN conference and “TECHNOKRATIA – Organization of special events – Creative approach” at Faculty of Organizational Studies, Belgrade.

2016 gave lecture “Innovations in Creative industries management” at Mokrogroska Škola MBA. TECHNOKRATIA will coproduce FOREST FEST, perform at Festivals: EXIT, P.L.U.R., SEA DANCE and RE:FRESH. We are continuing TWT & SARMATI Tours, preparing new Web system, new series, TV, radio, Net & Mobile programs & projects, audio/video/multimedia label, and … future will tell.

DJ Munja

Until now, TECHNOKRATIA produced/organized more than 4.500 parties, exhibitions, performances, installations, forums, Cultural/musical/sport events… with main aim to: apply hi-tech in creative purposes, promote Serbian artists and to present worlds artists in Serbia. Those events were visited by 500 to 40.000  people (total more than 1.500.000 visitors) and TECHNOKRATIA now have more than 250 members (composers, DJ’s, Live acts, producers, VJ’s, film/video directors, designers (graphic, fashion, Internet…) …) worldwide. TECHNOKRATIA also have more than 20.000 registered supporters. Finally, TECHNOKRATIA promoted all techno events in Serbia and all serious techno artists, promoters & organizers that worked in our country collaborated with us!

In the field of cultural exchange TECHNOKRATIA organized visits, live appearances and presentations of more than 500 worlds artists (some of them on the beginning of their careers, but many of them very famous: Astral Projection (Israel), The Prodigy (UK), Antoine (CH), Cosmosis (UK), Tom Novy (D), DJ Ricky Stone (UK), Fred Giteau (France), Shakta (UK), Miranda (Sweden), Digitalis (UK), Antaro (Germany), Darshan (UK), Chakra (Israel), Electric Universe (Germany), DJ Goblin (Israel), Android (Sweden), Lazar (Sweden), Greg (Greece), Joking Spinx (France), Zoom (France), Tony Carrasco (USA), Robert Mathews (Switzerland), DJ Zoo-B (Israel), Nesh Martin (CH), Virgin Helena (A), Tomislav (UK), Emmanuel S. (F), DJ SunShy (Israel), Caligari (Austria), Sonique (UK)…). Working on this projects we successfully cooperated with many worlds culture/art/music/film organizations, Embassies, companies, agencies (Interaktiv, Saatchi & Satchi…), NGOs and cultural/art organizations in our country.

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